Mini Book Reviews

The Graveyard Book (MG)

by Neil Gaiman

As a toddler, Nobody Owens climbs out of his crib and wanders out the front door and up the hill to the nearby cemetery, away from the house where the rest of his family is being murdered in their sleep. The ghostly citizens of the graveyard protect him from the killer who comes to finish the last of the family, and they raise Nobody as their own, teaching him and watching over him until he must finally confront the killer himself.

As horrific as that description sounds, this was actually a great book. The characters were really fun, and Nobody has a whole different kind of adventures than other kids who don’t grow up in a graveyard. Obviously the book deals with the Dead, death, graveyards, and even the undead, so if that’s not your thing, don’t bother reading it. But it’s also about family and identity and friendships and broadening horizons and courage and accepting adventure when it comes.

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