Mini Book Reviews

Ogre Enchanted (MG)

by Gail Carson Levine

Evie, a 15-year-old healer, isn’t expecting her best friend Wormy to propose, nor that a fairy will punish her for refusing. Yet suddenly she is an ogre, with only 62 days to accept another marriage proposal if she ever wants to be human again. She has to rely on her wits and her skills—both human and ogre—and the friends she makes along the way if she’s going to beat the idiot fairy’s spell.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t love this one as much as some of her others. It has a lot in its favor: suspense, true love, secrets, purple dragon pee…. I liked Evie, and I was totally rooting for her. But I don’t love ogres, and I didn’t love the young men she met—it was only on thinking it over later that I began to like Wormy, though he’s not my type at all.

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