The Thunderstone Theft

The Minister of the Treasuries has been brutally stabbed. Unfortunately for Miss Ella Highmoore’s godfather, the murder happened right on his doorstep, and now he’s the primary suspect. Ella knows her godfather is innocent, and she resolves to solve the crime and clear his name. A chance meeting with a young man named Charlie sets them both on the path to adventure and romance as they take on the challenge together. But Charlie has a secret, and when the truth comes out on the night of the prince’s ball, it looks like the end of their relationship. Ella is determined, however, that it won’t be the end of her investigation. She seeks the last few clues on her own, winding up in grave danger at the hands of the killer, and only Charlie knows enough about the case to rescue her.

Join the unstoppable Miss Ella Highmoore on the streets of Messene, a city based loosely on historical Regency London.

The Thunderstone Theft is available on January 10, 2023, from Amazon and from your favorite bookstore or library!

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