Her Enchanted Tower

Catherine Whitmer lives by her mother’s two cardinal rules: never speak to strangers and never leave the tower garden. The unspoken third rule? Never ask questions—or face bed without supper, or worse, tighter restrictions designed to protect her from the cruel world.

But when the charming and kind Lord Henry Stanton happens upon her in the garden one day, suddenly obedience looks much less appealing. His friendship awakens a long-suppressed craving for freedom and truth. He opens new realms of possibility, but the closer Catherine gets to freedom and the knowledge of her past, the more paranoid and controlling her mother gets, desperate to protect her own secrets.

To learn the truth about her birth family and find her happy ever after, Catherine will have to break all the rules and stand up to her mother, who will do everything she can to stop her.

Enjoy this YA retelling of “Rapunzel,” set in a Regency England where Faeries are real and magic is an acceptable accomplishment for young ladies.

Her Enchanted Tower is available April 16, 2024, from Amazon, other ebook retailers, and your favorite bookstore or library!

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