Her Accidental Frog

After an unprecedented and regrettable drunken duel, Nathaniel Johnson wakes up in the Serpentine… as a frog. His only hope of rescue is the girl he’s secretly loved for years: his best friend’s little sister.

Lady Hannah Stanton has a history of taking in odd pets, but a talking frog is a first. Despite his inability to tell her his name, she willingly accepts his unconventional friendship and promises to find a way to reverse his curse—a task that would be easier if her days weren’t filled with suitors and social engagements. To make matters worse, her brother’s best friend has disappeared without a trace—the very man she’s sworn to either woo or give up entirely by the end of the Season.

Enjoy this YA retelling of “The Frog Prince,” set in a Regency England where Faeries are real and magic is an acceptable accomplishment for young ladies.

Her Accidental Frog is available July 16, 2024, from Amazon, other ebook retailers, and your favorite bookstore or library!

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